Sound Kitchen Studio

Speakers, microphones, cables, piano, mixers, etc, put all these inside a pot and let it simmer for a while, then add some spices, herbs, some live improvisation, a hot artist(s) and bang!, a spicy dish for the ears. The Sound Kitchen Studio (SKS) is keeping it real by keeping the raw sound coming and there is nothing fancy about the audio but very live, precise and direct. Whether Hip-Hop, Jazz, or straight African Bush sounds, all these will pass in the pot and the final ear digestion will be the listener’s indulgence. Brought to existence in 2003 by the Swazi born Antarctic veteran, music producer, composer, known as 1st Born (Ntsikelelo Ntshingila). The mobile studio is receiving good and positive response and recognition from underground musicians and from international connections. The mobility structure gives the studio the advantage of recording hard to reach artists,  getting fresh, raw and untapped African talent.

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